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Camille Fredericksen

Camille is a lifelong Bel Canto singer and has been teaching Bel Canto for over 13 years.  Though she loves to perform and have done so in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, she feels her greatest calling is teaching Bel Canto to the new generations. She is a second generation student of Enrico Rosati, a world renowned Bel Canto teacher. “Studying music not only perfects the art within, but also teaches life lessons that become part of the student.” She teaches students from 7 years of age to older adults. She loves teaching! She believes that children are capable of excellence, and that there is a singer in all of us. She teaches with clear but positive feedback tuning into each student’s individual needs using her intuition and finely trained ear to bring the student smoothly through the journey of mastering singing. She teaches all levels of singing study quickly solving any singer’s problems, especially the teenage male changing voice.

Camille is also a choral director and has founded several performing choirs. She loves mixing the adult voices with the children’s voices. The sound is exquisite, parents and children get to sing together, and young adults master choral work and singing technique.

She has cofounded two Youtube Channels, Voices Of The Void and Camille Classics. Please visit her channels to sample her work.

“Music, especially singing, enriches our lives with emotion, love and inspiration. I am so blessed to have had a life in music and wish to share this wealth with humanity. God Bless!”

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