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Cyndy Salisbury

I began creating masks in 2008, experimenting with the traditional materials and techniques of the Italian mask makers.

Each mask starts with a plaster-of-paris cast that I fabricate. This is the negative mold used to shape layers of wool paper, creating a mask “blank”.  All embellishments, botanicals, and additions to the body of the mask are created in the studio, mostly out of a variety of papers. Whether the masks are worn to an event, or displayed as a work of art, each unique creation celebrates the mask as a part of our species’ artistic tradition.

The human face is an evocative canvas that can be used to bring to life the compelling images of myth, fable, fairy tales, and theater. Though these masks are often worn for pleasure, they should also conjure up the transforming energy of the Greek theater, the psychic resonance of the Commedia dell’arte, and the provocative enchantment of the Venetian Carnival.


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