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Donna Cohen

CHANGING WOMAN \\\"Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé\\\"

In 2015, Donna and Brian and their dogs moved up up up to a private forest on the Hood Canal in Seabeck, WA. Living in the middle of nowhere on seven acres with a sunroom as a studio and no neighbors in view, Donna is living her dream.

“I do acrylic on canvas now. Nothing tricky or techie. Just me and paints and brushes and canvas. And I have not the luxury but the insistence now to spend months on a painting working to get it righter than right, to change my goals as I go, to react to what I find in what I’ve just painted, with no external deadlines. So I fill the canvas with questions and answers and yearnings, with objects and marks and totems and endless Easter eggs you can find if you look, if you first examine the whole from one latitude, and then, like me, you change latitudes and attitudes and see what you were not open to seeing before. Put it this way: the last many days of my work on a painting are so intricate only a very fine double zero paintbrush will suffice.

So, when you spend time with Donna’s paintings, hopefully you will find yourself by connecting with her strong sense of color and design, her sense of humor and whimsy in shapes and forms, and her deeply held belief that we are each just a fragment of something much greater, all of us rather perfectly imperfect.

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