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Fatima Young

Fatima Young

Fatima Young – Capturing the Moment

Does it make me a plein air painter if I love to hike and paint outdoors?  I’d say yes. To study nature at its purest is gold to me. To reduce the complex forms of nature into simple shapes and strokes, is letting the viewer decide. Recapturing the moment in much larger studio paintings has broadened my scope and simplified images even more.  I use the palette knife to catch the earth’s rich moods and bolder chroma to bring out light and dark contrast.

Born of Russian heritage in Europe, I became influenced by the Russian Impressionists at an early age. My artistic drive grew as I received degrees from F.I.T. and C.W. Post University in New York. Now, after a career in publishing, I am traveling to majestic places to paint special landscapes as a part of my current works.  Bainbridge Island has been home for almost 30 years.

I invite you to experience tranquility through these serene landscapes. You can also view my work on the website,



  • "Reflection Lake's Lure"

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