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Judith Rayl

Single-capture photography © Judith Rayl

In my abstract photography I explore the tender beauty found at the intersection of Nature and the human-made. Luminous moments of balance and reconciliation are revealed by my artistic process.

At the confluence of ecology and urban life lies a vivid still-point of connection and possibility. My artistic methodology of single-capture abstract photography uses no double images, layering, nor filtering. In my unmanipulated images, artifacts and objects are softened by their contact with Nature, evoking the tenderness of memory.  

Natural luminosity generates a sense of presence in my artwork. I embrace the impermanence and clarity of each moment. My nascent art career has demonstrated potential for impact. The contemporaneity of my art veritably translates to our current societal upheaval. It is a statement of sensitivity to our collective suffering rooted in social and environmental crises.

I am inspired by the healing power of Nature and seek emotive, intimate, naturally abstract images of harmony and reconciliation. For viewers of my art, I offer moments of visual and emotional significance, celebrating convergence, abundance, and evanescent beauty.


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