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Lily Bobek

Boundless, Acrylic on canvas 30W x 48H x 1.5D in, $1800

Lily Bobek, a native New Yorker, attended Binghamton University in New York where she graduated with a BFA. She paints from her studio on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Her paintings are inspired by nature and depict her unique and colorful perspective of life.

Lily’s paintings evoke vibrant worlds and reflections alive with rich colors and dimensions. She applies multiple layers, creating wondrous spaces and textures with intention as well as letting go into the spontaneity of the moment. With each layer, the painting becomes an explorative adventure revealing an interplay of vivid patterns and shapes. Lily follows her intuition and the results widely range from peacefully tranquil to radiantly dynamic. She loves capturing her visions, bringing them to life and sharing them.

“I’m greatly inspired by nature. There’s no end to the depth of beauty, colors and intricacies I find there. Natural surroundings send me on creative journeys I always enjoy, especially when I don’t have a set destination.”



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  • A Quiet Way North rnAcrylic on canvas 40W x 30H x 1.5D in, $1400

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