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Lisa Marinkovich

Lisa Marinkovich, the founder of the Gal Pal blog, is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the marketing and advertising world. She brings her experience to enrich the lives of others. She lives on Bainbridge Island with her family. In her personal and work life, Lisa has been affectionately nicknamed the “connector,” a true relationship-builder who is always genuinely eager to strategically connect people and organizations so they can succeed and grow.


She is now connecting women all over the world with her blog Gal Pal. Gal Pal is a trusted source, a sister, or best friend; if you will, who you can always count on for authentic, real advice and conversations around beauty, fashion, home design, décor, wellness, family, and other girl stuff. Marinkovich strives to create beautiful, meaningful content to inspire and help her readers in any way she can. She lives by the motto of living a beautiful life with purpose, grace, and joy.


Fortunately, her ambition is to encourage women to connect and build a community, a tribe where we are kind to each other. Lisa often states, “we are better together,” as she refers to the way women are naturally resourceful with the ability to nourish others.


“I started Gal Pal as a way to bring women together—creating a sisterhood that unites women for the greater good. Unfortunately, we reside in a society today that encourages competition amongst the female gender. It’s everywhere.” said Lisa, explaining that social and mainstream media are full of stories about women breaking other women down and rife with unhealthy body images and ridiculous expectations that discourage women and hurt their self-esteem. I want to change the narrative.”


Lisa recently launched Gal Pal Goods (, a fun place to shop for inspirational home goods, apparel, and accessories with positive and fun designs. The graphic designs are created by Lisa.  A percentage of every item sold on Gal Pal Goods goes directly to causes that matter. In some cases, 100% of the proceeds.


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