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William Robinson

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Will Robinson has long been inspired by the flora and fauna surrounding him. Taking his cues from movement in the natural world, Robinson imbues his enduring stone sculptures with the patterns of life. Elements of dance, wind, water, fire and flight, all gracefully emerge from the locally quarried basalt and granite. These whimsical forms float and balance above their stolid bases with a grace that defies the weight of the medium. It is the ephemeral made tangible.

The sheer physical presence of Robinson’s work cannot be denied. He seeks out contrasting textures and shapes to manipulate the space so that his works can engage with their surroundings, with the audience and with each other. Robinson encourages viewers to touch his work, to interact with it, for only then is it truly complete.

Robinson’s stone sculptures are part of private and public collections throughout the United States, including the City of Bellevue Public Arts Collection (Bellevue Botanical Garden) and the Harborside Park in Bremerton, WA. Additionally, Robinson’s work was featured on the labels for the 2003 Artist Series Meritage wine, created by renowned Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Robinson was a featured artist at the 2015 SOFA Chicago Exposition.


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