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Bainbridge Island's Poet Laureate Call

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Bainbridge Island's Poet Laureate Call



WRITTEN BY CITY COUNCIL MEMBER LESLIE SCHNEIDER on AUG 10, 2022: Last night (Aug 9) City Council joined forces with Arts & Humanities Bainbridge to establish a Poet Laureate role for Bainbridge Island. It’s not often Council gets to make such uplifting decisions, and a lot of work went into this by some very dedicated poetry supporters. Can’t wait to see who fills this role soon!


Arts & Humanities Bainbridge is excited to announce the creation of a Poet Laureate position for Bainbridge Island!

What is a Poet Laureate? Simply, a Poet Laureate is an advocate for the art of poetry.

More specifically, a Poet Laureate is a writer, teacher, host, and communicator who can connect with individuals and community groups to promote the writing and enjoyment of poetry on Bainbridge Island.

Our Bainbridge Island Poet Laureate will host readings, offer classes and workshops, liaise with other poets in the Puget Sound region, and encourage Bainbridge Island poets of all ages. The Poet Laureate will receive a modest honorarium and will be supported by a team of volunteers. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, reside on Bainbridge Island, and be comfortable with public speaking.


Questions? Contact AHB at 206-842-7901 or



Bainbridge Island Poet Laureate ~ Expectations of Position

The Bainbridge Island Poet Laureate’s duties may include:

1. Celebrating the Island’s heritage through poetry.

2. Composing and reading poems at city and community events and public gatherings.

3. Encouraging the appreciation and practice of poetry in person and through social media by a wide range of Bainbridge residents, including youth.

4. Presenting readings and workshops that are free and open to the public, such as in-school poetry classes, events for young people, and programs with poets and poets laureate from other communities.

5. Coordinating Island-wide poetry activities during April, National Poetry Month.

6. Creating a signature poetry project.

7. Participating in Bainbridge Island Creative District events in downtown Winslow.

Estimated Time Commitment

While the time commitment will vary from month to month and with each project, an average of 20 hours per month will be required. The Poet Laureate term will run from October 1 through September 30.



Desired Qualifications

— Passion for poetry reading and writing

— Publication history

— Comfort with public speaking and teaching

__ Social media skills

— Experience connecting with diverse audiences

— Demonstrated history of community involvement and/or volunteering

— Resident of Bainbridge Island for at least one year

— At least 18 years of age


Bainbridge Island Poet Laureate Application Instructions

Submit the following in a single PDF document with page breaks where appropriate. Email the document to with the subject line “Poet Laureate Application.”

1. Cover letter expressing interest and describing how you meet the desired qualifications.

2. Resume, with an emphasis on poetry and community engagement experience.

3. Publication history.

4.  Writing sample of five poems, published or unpublished. If published, note the name of the publication and date or issue in which your poem(s) appeared.

5.  Statement (not to exceed one page) describing your idea for a signature project: something that would make your tenure special and enable you to best share your poetry interests and expertise with the Bainbridge community.

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

The selected Bainbridge Island Poet Laureate will receive an estimated honorarium of $1,000 per year along with a program budget.