“Samhain Mask” by Cyndy Salisbury

$695.00 (9% State of Washington sales tax added at checkout)

Wearable papier mache mask. 10″W x 18″H x 7″D.

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Wearable papier mache mask. 10″W x 18″H x 7″D. $695. Samhain, the Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter (the dark half of the year) is celebrated from sunset, 31 October to sunset, 1 November. This mask is covered in hand drawn, cut, and painted parchment leaves with rose hips (hand made w/PaperClay), small branches (painted floral wire), and feathers interspersed through the asymmetrical sweep around the face. Leaves “fall” on fine chains on either side of the face, adding movement. Everything is gilded at the edges in a lovely metallic copper. A elastic velcro band on the inside forehead provides a secure, comfortable fit.

About the artist: Cyndy Salisbury


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