Wall Planter Art by Modern Airhead – 12″x12″ Shapes $49.99 (circles, hexagons, soft squares, regular squares / eight colors)

$49.99 (9% State of Washington sales tax added at checkout)

Beautiful wall planter art by Modern Airhead add a natural and artistic touch to your home.


Each Modern Airhead wall planter is made of 20g powder coated stainless steel and features one or more magnetic pots made of ceramic. The magnetic feature enables you to place the pot anywhere on the face of the metal or to add additional pots. Hanging hardware is included. This product comes in white, orange, gunmetal and carbon. All pots are white; plants not included. Will hold air-plants, succulents, small plants in a 2.5″ diameter container or faux greenery and decor.

The metal portion is made on Bainbridge Island and the pots are imported. If you’d like to see additional product options, please feel free to visit my website at denisebidesign.com/MoAh. You will find a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors from which to create your design vision at home. I’m available to help with your selections and answer questions. Visit my website or social media for ideas and inspiration!

Please indicate what color you would like at checkout.

More about the artist: Denise Stoughton


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