Danis Morgan

Danis Morgan


Website: https://www.danismorgan.com


   Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

Danis Morgan creates intricate and graceful paintings inspired by nature’s fleeting changes. The artist begins with preliminary graphite drawings inspired by nature. She then overlays a delicate encaustic layer on the surface building a sublime and translucent shield that preserves, even freezes, the image of nature for eternity. The use of encaustic, traditionally a technique involving layers of pigment suspended in beeswax originating from ancient Egypt, is considered one of the longest-lasting painting techniques known to mankind. The use of this process in painting only reiterates the intent, and hope, of preserving the fragile nature of nature.

"i see poetry in the landscape...the natural world provides endless inspiration and pause for intuitive interpretations in my paintings. light and dark, power and grace resonating, ephemeral...the spirit in a stone, light reflecting on water in colors so layered and magical, the earthy sweet smell on the leaves just after a rain- the space between, moments of silence, simplicity and a celebration of the beauty of imperfections."

Visit Danis in her studio in our "Inside the Artist Studio" series, here.