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Halls Hill Labyrinth

The labyrinth at Halls Hill Lookout on Bainbridge Island, WA is in the same 11 circuit medieval styles as the labyrinth at Chartres…but in a natural “cathedral” and made of a mosaic of stones.

Halls Hill Labyrinth
Dedication June 29, 2014
Many believe labyrinths are useful for healing and meditation. In the Middle Ages, walking a cathedral labyrinth became a devotional activity used as a walking meditation to focus the mind.

Jeffrey Bale, a garden designer and stone artist from Portland, Oregon has created our 36-foot diameter labyrinth. The design is based on the 13th Century French Chartres Cathedral labyrinth. Counting the Central ring, the number of circles is 12, which ties the labyrinth to both the seasonal and lunar cycles. Jeffrey has incorporated the Native American medicine wheel into his mosaic pattern, through orientation and coloration of stones. His labyrinth uses color, symbols, patterns, and numerology in the design that was created from stones found on Bainbridge Island beaches. Jeffrey was very thoughtful about integrating the energy of the prayer wheel into his design. The 36-foot diameter corresponds to the number of times the Halls Hill prayer wheel’s four panels pass when turning the cylinder nine times, causing the bell inside to ring. While building the labyrinth, Jeffrey created flowers or symbols in the circuit each time he heard the bell ring.

Labyrinth Mosaic Details:
Incorporating 12 white stone moons in the outer 11th circuit made it poss

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Category: Mosaic / Relief

Medium type: Stone / Marble

Date created: 2014

Associated artists

Jeffrey Bale
Jeffrey Bale


NE Halls Hill Road, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

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