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  1. I have known you, Lone, since your gallery at the foot of madison, BI. I'm happy to know you are doing well, and now know another friend, sue skelly. great interview.

    linda younker


  2. I for one really miss the studio tours, Sue’s in particular. Thanks for the visit. The buttons I might not wear but are nice enough to hang on a wall. But it is the cedar I really look forward to (and the stove). I wonder if the cedar buttons on a card are still there…..


  3. Beautiful article! I ve been a fan of Sue Skelly since I saw her random weave ball around and through- was it beaver bones and skull? That stopped me in my tracks.
    Also the large cedar woven pillow cover complete with fringe shown that same year at NWBW retreat. Love your work/play ,Sue!


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