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Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) is Bainbridge Island’s cultural hub. AHB bridges the arts and business communities by leading the Bainbridge Creative District (BCD), and promotes Bainbridge’s vibrant arts and culture through our online media platform,  The BCD and Currents highlight the island as a cultural destination, attract visitors, and deepen appreciation for our cultural offerings and heritage. The arts and humanities enhance our quality of life and create a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and visit. AHB also administers: Public Art; Community Arts Education; Poet Laureate; Creative Circles; Artist Grants; Panel & Speaker Presentations.

Our Mission

Connecting Community Through Arts, Humanities, And Cultural Programs.

Our Values


Our Beliefs

• Art transforms lives.

• Nurturing the artist within reveals and expands creative potential.

• Exploration through the humanities creates knowledge, understanding and compassion.

• Collaborative relationships among the Island’s cultural organizations benefit the entire Bainbridge Island Community.

• An organization’s openness to listening and learning ensures a relevant, effective response.

• The arts and humanities cultivate a high quality of life, provide significant economic impact, and create a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and visit.

Cultural Services

We provide opportunities for artists to prosper, our youth to learn through art, our community to enjoy art in public spaces, and engage in collaborative events. We convene a Poet Laureate, Directors’ Forum and Cultural Reps of more than twenty local non-profit cultural organizations, to nurture connections, collaboration and active communication.  We also provide fiscal sponsorship to fledgling nonprofit organizations and grants to individual artists.

Year-round advocacy for cultural funding at the local, state and federal level, and publicity for cultural organizations to help sustain the creative economy of Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge Currents History is a community cultural platform that builds on the decades-old legacy of Currents Magazine, the quarterly arts and culture review published by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB). Launched in June 2019, Currents is designed with islanders in mind and enhances our shared quality of life by bringing the rich world of island arts and culture to you with one click, on one site, and in real time.

The site is curated by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island’s cultural hub. AHB bridges the arts and business communities by administering the Bainbridge Creative District (BCD).  The BCD and Currents highlight the island as a cultural destination, attract visitors, and deepen appreciation for our cultural offerings and heritage.

Currents is powered by Artsopolis, a community engagement platform tailored to showcasing
culturally vibrant communities. This platform now reaches over 50 communities across the U.S.

The Currents Editorial Board delivers the weekly content of Currents Online.

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About Our Blog

The Editorial Board welcomes content submissions for our blog that support our mission of connecting users to the abundance of creativity on Bainbridge Island.


Articles should be 300-800 words and accompanied by a photo or graphic when possible.

• Reviews of local art exhibits, music, film, books and performances.

• ‘Listicles’ of top recommendations relating to all kinds of art experiences on the island.

• Profiles of those engaged in Bainbridge arts and culture either through their own creativity or by supporting the work of artists.

• Reported articles about new developments and trends in the arts and humanities on Bainbridge Island.

• Beginnings – first-person articles by artists about how they found their muse, the origins of their work, what inspires them.

• Essays about experiencing art and culture on Bainbridge.

• Creative writing: poems, micro short stories

Photos and Videos

Photos should be (1920 x 1080) – submitted with captions.

• Photos/videos that are creative works

• Photos/videos that highlight arts and culture on Bainbridge by capturing the scene in a lively and engaging way.

If submitting video, the following specifications are a guideline for authors/contributors – submitted with captions.

• Frame rate: 15 frames per second minimum
• Video codec: H.264 (+AAC) preferred
• Video Bit rate: at least 260 kbps (750 kbps preferred)
• Recommended frame size: 492×276
• Duration: up to a maximum length of 90 seconds

Submission Requirements

All submissions should be sent to Include your full name and contact information. You may submit a finished article or a pitch that details your proposed article. All submissions are subject to editing prior to publication. We will try to reply in a timely manner to let you know whether your submission is accepted. The work must be your own and you are responsible for the accuracy of the content. Unless otherwise indicated, we assume that your article has not been published elsewhere in North America. The site is supported by the non-profit Arts & Humanities Bainbridge and does not pay for contributions. We do not retain the rights to your submission and you may republish elsewhere.

Currents Contributing Staff

Inez Maubane Jones

AHB Executive Director

Inez Maubane Jones is the Executive Director of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge. She is the author of The Contest – a children’s book series, writer and editor for JonesWrite, contributing writer for Tokyo Business Today, and a blogger focusing on educational trends, parenting, and social issues.

Linda Kramer Jenning

AHB Board Member & Contributing Editor

Linda Jenning is a veteran journalist who continues to freelance since moving to Bainbridge in 2017. In Washington, D.C., she taught journalism at Georgetown University, served as the DC editor for Glamour magazine, and earlier worked in the Time Inc. bureau for People. She started her journalism career at the Associated Press and covered politics in Oregon and worked at KOIN-TV before moving to DC. She is a graduate of Smith College and earned a master’s in writing from John Hopkins.

Asa Rabin

AHB Videographer

Asa has been instrumental in redesigning AHB’s website, creating audiovisual content for all our pillars (Currents, public art, arts ed), including some graphics for the Certified Creative District, and managing the Art Marketplace.

Contributing Community Member Writers

Margaret Millmore

Contributing Writer

Margaret Millmore is a writer of supernatural fiction and author of The Island Wanderer blog, which focuses on Bainbridge Island people, events and businesses. Prior to concentrating on her writing, Margaret spent 20 years in the commercial real estate field with a national title insurance company in San Francisco. Avid travelers, Margaret and her husband, Bryan, frequently visited small towns in the U.S., and in the seaside communities throughout Ireland, where much of her family resides. Those small towns appealed so much, they decided to search out the perfect hamlet to relocate to—upon their first visit to Bainbridge Island, they were hooked, and made the move in 2017.

Her first published works were flash fiction, The Welcome Home and Untitled – Luke N. Goode,  which were featured on Bay Area artist Kenney Mencher’s blog.

In 2011, she published her first full length novel. Since then, she’s published a three-book series, another novel and her current series What Haunts Me (Ghost Killer Book 1); The Edge of the Cemetery (Ghost Killer Book 2), which was awarded the August 2016 Book of the Month award by Long and Short Reviews; and What Hunts Me (Ghost Killer Book 3). The majority of her books are set in San Francisco where she lived for over 26 years. Her preferred writing genre is supernatural fiction, with the exception of her time-travel novel, The Dragonfly Door.

All her books can be found on her website and her Amazon author page.

Denise Stoughton

Contributing Writer

Inspired by globe-trotting, art, fashion, technology and nature, I’ve spent a lifetime in the creative realm first as a home products industry design executive in New York City and more recently as an interior designer on Bainbridge Island. Writing has been a life-long passion. I’ve authored blogs, articles and essays for Bainbridge Currents, the Bainbridge Island Review, South Brunswick Magazine and The Seattle Times. I serve on the board of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge where my favorite initiatives include the public art and poet laureate programs. Last year I began work on a book titled Meet Me at the Mailbox which highlights everyday creativity on Bainbridge Island. This year I worked with the Bainbridge Park and Recreation District to install the Kindred Spirit Mailbox at Fort Ward Park – a quiet place of reflection where visitors can write what’s in their hearts into the journals inside the mailbox. My delightfully adorable chihuahuas Tula and Milo are constant companions and often accompany me around town riding shotgun in my VW Beetle. 

Be sure to take a look at Denise’s InstagramFacebook, and Website. Also, check out this profile on Denise, written by Margaret Millmore!

Questions for the Currents Editorial Board?

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