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Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) started this Social Justice page because we wanted to focus on the “humanities” part of our name. Specifically, what it means to be human and to support more effective, empathetic social change. The humanities encourage us to be resourceful and to find ways to connect across our differences. The arts provide this bridge.  We hope you take advantage of the resources below.




Arts & Humanities Bainbridge has a mission to support the community we live in and that includes everyone who lives and works here. “We connect you to the abundance of creativity in our community, to empower and inspire.”  From this vantage point, we believe it is unjust to allow publication of hate online and permit bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and violence to be promoted.  For these reasons, AHB will not be present on Facebook during the month of July.


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Social Justice Organizations in Washington State

View this complete list of Social Justice organization in WA compiled by Gallagher Law Library: Univ. of WA School of Law


What is Juneteenth Week 2020?

Juneteenth Week 2020 is a week long celebration hosted by the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Black Lives Matter – Seattle/King County, Tabor 100 and the FW Black Collective.

Our purpose is to honor and remember a special milestone in black history: June 19, 1865. On this day, African Americans forced into slavery in the United States were officially and legally free (ish).


Check out these anti-racism resources

by Linda Kramer Jenning

In a world where George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are killed by police, how can we learn more about anti-racism and white privilege?

Reading may seem passive, but it can be a step toward learning and changing behaviors. Eagle Harbor Books, besides announcing it would give 10 percent of last weekend’s sales to Black Lives Matter, compiled a list of anti-racist books with options for all ages.  The Seattle Public Library posted to its site a list of books on race, race relations, racism, and white privilege.

Lists and resources also are being shared on social media and by a wide range of nonprofits, universities, magazines and news outlets. AHB board member Linda Kramer Jenning pulled some of them together in an article for

Have you come across other books and media you’d like to suggest? Submit your recommendations here.


Questions that matter

by Linda Semlitz

There are five critical questions to ask as we confront the tragic death of George Floyd and so many other people of color.  At the same time that COVID-19 has  highlighted the racial and social inequities in health outcomes and access to health care.

My friend and esteemed colleague, Kathy Pike, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Columbia -WHO Center in Global Mental Health, discussed those key questions in a recent blog post.

I felt it was important for us to think about those questions.

Read more…


Social Justice in a Time of Social Distancing

By Kenneth Bailey and Lori Lobenstine

The advised precautions for dealing with the coronavirus ask us to focus on ourselves. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Don’t host or attend large gatherings. The precautions make us turn inward to focus on the virus’s impact on our individual health and the interruption of our daily lives. As much as we have to take these precautions, we must also understand that they are doing something to us. They are arranging us in ways that produce effects.

At DS4SI, we believe that ideas are embedded in social arrangements, which in turn produce effects. Some of the effects we’re worried about here will locate themselves in what we call affective remainder: residual intensities that linger on past an event or episode in life. In this case, we imagine these will exacerbate fear and aversion of the other, those who are always already-blamed. (Think of the racist targeting of black “looters” after Hurricane Katrina, the xenophobic blaming of Asian and African nations for viruses, and the homophobic blaming of queer communities when HIV/AIDS emerged.)

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Explore How Climate Change Will Affect Bainbridge Island

Take another listen to the community discussion about how Bainbridge Island can adapt to climate change – presented at the Climate and Energy Forum May 21 2019. Speakers: Lara Hansen from EcoAdapt, Stacey Nordgren from Foresight Partners Consulting and James Rufo-Hill from the City of Seattle present brief talks on the Bainbridge Island Climate Impact Assessment and the Climate Change Advisory Committee’s recommendations. Presentations will be followed by an engaging group discussion to solicit ideas from the community.



What is your story? How are you feeling? TELL IT through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, writing, essay, letter, song, performance, film or whatever your medium, and we will share your “voices” on, Facebook and Instagram.



Things To Do During a Pandemic and Social Injustice

By Denise Stoughton

I’d cleaned this house a million times before,
In haste.

I’d cleaned this house from top to bottom,
Everything in place.

Dusted, scrubbed, vacuumed, disinfected,
I felt protected.

Polished, organized, purged, cleansed
I felt perfected.

My God, right here in plain sight?
How did it get there!

Smaller than a granule of moon dust, it caught the light,
It just set there!


Little me.

So little.

I swept it into the dustpan quickly,
Poor thing looked so sickly.

Tiny mollusk of a thing.

Spring cleaning, dear.


Image by Diane Walker


Read this moving poem by Diane Walker


Black Lives Matter March, Bainbridge Island, WA June 6, 2020.

Footage Courtesy of Clarence Moriwaki




Sofia – 8-year-old Ordway student



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