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Managing racial stress and teaching kids to do the same

Presented by Embrace Race at Virtual, Bainbridge Island WA

Jan 26 2021
Managing racial stress and teaching kids to do the same

As John Legend sang last night, we’re hopeful that we’re seeing a new dawn, beginning a new day in the United States. We appreciate healing moments even as we know that, when it comes to issues of race and racial justice, the road ahead will be full of challenges. That’s why we hope you join us for the next Talking Race & Kids conversation this coming Tuesday, when we’ll both turn the page on recent racial violence and talk about strategies for dealing with future aggressions.

We live in deeply stressful times. COVID. Racial tension and violence. Political polarization. Dire economic straits.  The physical and emotional costs of stress crosses all demographic lines, but we know that the burden of chronic stress falls disproportionately on frequently targeted communities – Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, and Multiracial communities among them. Chronic stress of any kind takes a toll on the mind and body; racial stress experienced by targeted groups has

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