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Spot the Snow Leopards: Free Microsoft AI Game

Presented by Microsoft AI at Online, Bainbridge Island WA

Apr 28 2020
Jun 19 2020
Spot the Snow Leopards: Free Microsoft AI Game

Using AI to protect one of the most elusive animals on Earth

Snow Leopards are a highly threatened species, native to the steppes and mountainous terrain of Asia. There are only an estimated 3,900 to 6,500 individuals left in the wild. Their population is a key indicator for the health of the whole ecosystem, but they can be difficult to spot and track in the wild.

Due the cats’ remote habitat, expansive range and extremely elusive nature, researchers use motion-triggered camera traps to observe snow leopards in the wild. Since the cameras trigger on any type of movement, most of the images are of goats, birds, and grass blowing in the wind. Only about 5 percent of the pictures contain a leopard, which can be hard to spot due to their camouflage.

Over the years, more than 1 million images have been captured, but the classification process has been time-consuming. Manually reviewing all images to find a snow-leopards could take thousands of hours of time.

To solve this problem, the

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