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Abstract Woman

Artist statement:

“Abstract Woman is a piece from a study of the female form that I conducted. The simple form of Abstract Woman #1 highlights strength and resilience. The sculpture’s red patina portrays vibrance. Raised markings arranged on the front and back sides of the sculpture represent individuality.”

“To some, art and engineering may seem like a true dichotomy—but not to me. I’ve pursued and intermingled both with a passion my whole life. True to being an engineer, I often will design a sculpture project in 3D with CAD. However, I find I have my best results when I work from a sketch book. Most of my sculptures have been in steel. After several years of refining my steel work, I’ve come to the point of understanding the metal’s full potential as an art material. I’ve also come to appreciate how long it takes to master one material. The process of learning to fabricate, developing a sculptural vocabulary, and mastering my materials has been a never-ending challenge that keeps me motivated and moving forward.” – Ed McCarthy


Patinaed steel, Dimensions: 104”Hx18”Wx12”D


Abstract Woman is for sale at $8,500

Collection: Something New

Medium type: Steel

Associated artists

Ed McCarthy


Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

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