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Artist statement:

“This “pop art” sculpture of a strawberry on a fork is intended to honor and represent the berry industry in the northwest. For decades areas surrounding the Seattle area have been known for their berry growing. Years ago berries were shipped across the country in ice packed box cars. The popularity of berries continues today in many local farms. The knife and fork are made of 3/8 inch thick stainless steel and the berry is made of synthetic material (polyurea). The piece is resistant to damage caused by weather and humans. The piece stands 6 ft tall, width and depth approximately 36 inches, base plate 28 inch diameter, weight 200 pounds.”


“My work demonstrates a diversified approach in both materials and concepts. I create sculptures using wood, synthetic concrete and stainless steel. I have also completed several commissions where a specific theme was required. I often observe small forms like insects, birds or berries and transform them into large scale sculptures.” – Charles Fitzgerald


stainless steel and synthetic material (polyurea).


Strawberry is for sale at $7,000

Collection: Something New

Medium type: Metal; Plastic; Steel

Associated artists

Charles Fitzgerald


Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

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