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Public Art

The mission of the public art program is to enhance the natural beauty of the island, foster diversity and inclusion, inspire contemplation, create community, and build a vibrant culture for locals and visitors alike through free access to art in public spaces. 

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge manages the Public Art Committee, which is funded by the City of Bainbridge Island.

Public Art Committee

The Public Art Committee (PAC) is a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing public space through access to public art. The committee members are recruited by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) for their artistic, cultural, or community knowledge.

PAC is responsible for proposing new works and programs to the City Council, assisting with design and implementation of installations, and advising the City on maintenance of the existing collection. AHB provides administrative support including press, community engagement, project management, grant applications and coordination with the City. AHB also consults with PAC to provide advisory services for a fee to private entities for placement of art in public spaces.

2022 Public Art Committee members

Steve Rabago (chair), Glynnis Cowdery, John Grinter, Sarah D. King, Jackie Muth, Rhonda Peacock, Amy Roberts, Peter Raffa, Anne Smart, Mary Terry, and Inez Maubane Jones (AHB executive director), Clarence Moriwaki (City Council member) and Ellen Schroer (City Council Deputy Manager).

Interested in volunteering as a committee or jury member?
Contact: Steve Rabago.

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AHB Ed McCarthy - I Watch Salmon from the Bridge Above

AHB Maggie Smith - Island Water Quilt

AHB Shawn Johnson - Wandering Trees

AHB "Craig Jacobrown - Rainbringer"

AHB "Gayle Bard & Steven Maslach - Clouds and River of Glass"

AHB "Gayle Bard - Blackberry Vines"

AHB "Jennifer Kuhns - Part of Something New IV"

AHB "MacRae Wylde - Something New IV"

AHB "Jan Hoy - Sculpture Artist"

AHB “Hand in Hand" on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB “Shape of Memory” on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB "Fossil lll" on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB “Reflection” on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB "Abe Singer - Metal Sculpture Artist"

AHB "Beach Glass Quilt" on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB "Tribute Baskets" on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

AHB “Bay Otters” on the Bainbridge Island Art Walk

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