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Craig Jacobrown

Craig grew up in Seattle and Bainbridge Island and in 1990 received the first one percent for art contract on the Island to create the Rainbringer Sculpture at the roundabout of Madison and High school Rd. Craig asked for permission from his mentor/elder Chief Henry Seaweed to use his family crest figure ‘Kolus’, the younger brother of Thunderbird, for dispay as a public sculpture. Henry headlined a dedication and blessing ceremony that used giant parade puppets constructed by island middle school students to bring to life the symbolism of the Thunderbird representing rain, Salmon representing surface water and Whales representing salt water. As Bainbridge has solidified it’s reputation as an art lovers destination, Craig has installed several more sculptures on the island including two public installations- ‘Leap Frog’ at Battle Point Park and ‘Caregiver’ in Owen’s Playground at Rotary Park which represents the legendary rooted woman caregiver of NW tradition and was dedicated by George Melas Taylor of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation to all modern day Caregivers .

As Craig has continued to produce many private and public sculptures, often for communities who use them to illustrate and bring to life their own cultural stories across the continent and the world. At the same time Craig also runs a mask fabrication and movement training company called ‘The Maskery’ together with his wife, Zann, and his son, Toby (
Meanwhile Craig performs mask and puppetry shows with the Hamumu Arts Collective ( producing films, festival and ceremonial arts that bring to life traditional stories and wisdom that can have an impact on future generations.
Craig also has a Masters degree in teaching specializing in the Native American learner and taught in private, public, and tribal schools including K-12 and college. To this day he teaches arts residencies throughout the NW including the Arts Humanities Bainbridge Education program, Museum of Pop Culture and the American Indian Heritage school where he helped develop and test the educational study guide ‘the Anient Art of Conflict resolution- Northwest Native Traditions’.


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