Danna Tartaglia

Danna Tartaglia

Danna was born in the small town of Greenville Mississippi in 1953 where her Dad was serving in the Air Force. The family soon moved to San Angelo, Texas where Danna spent most of her childhood doing the things creatively minded children will do. Many dollhouses out of cardboard boxes and scraps of fabric from Mother’s sewing basket. Sidewalk art in chalk. Dresses made for Penny, her wonderful and patient dog. Many drawings for the refrigerator door.

As years went by, the drive of being an artist was beginning to show as Danna excelled in school art classes, most importantly learning the techniques of oil painting which has carried her through to today. Oil painting is still her primary medium, with that early instruction being enough to catapult her through years of joy in painting.

Marriage and raising two terrific kids allowed only occasional small spaces for her art, but she managed to be creative in many ways. Painted furniture, elaborate hand-knit sweaters, Halloween costumes, hand-stitched quilts. Dabbling in pottery and photography. First place ribbons won in county fairs.


In 2004, Danna made the decision to bring her art ‘out of the closet’. Not knowing where to start, but still a start was made and soon she was exhibiting in a few galleries around the country. She also found a wonderful experience in managing a unique gallery in Jacksonville Oregon where she could set up her easel in the front gallery window and paint her spirited horses and colorful Japanese Koi. Danna remains a self-taught artist, painting what pleases her in an evolving style as she experiments with techniques and subjects.

A move to southern California in late 2011 opened up an unexpected door. A well-known gallery was in transition, needing a new owner to take the helm. It was Trowbridge Gallery back then. Looking for representation of her own art took her into the gallery and it didn’t take much to convince Danna to take the gallery on as her own. Several more talented artists were added to the mix at Tartaglia Fine Art and the variety and quality of the art continued to improve.


Now retired in 2018 and moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Danna is painting and enjoying free time to explore Bainbridge Island and beyond in this magical area.


Danna is a member of American Women Artists (AWA) and Oil Painters of America (OPA)



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