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Gayle Bard

As a Northwest artist, Gayle creates realist landscape paintings and three-dimensional works, synthesized into what the artist calls “painterly installations.” Gayle lives and works on Bainbridge Island.

“I started out as an abstract painter,” Bard said. “The landscape is abstract to me in many ways like form, color and line. That’s coupled with the fact that I really love the land. I have a strong tie to the land,” she said. “We all do, but most of us are not aware of it.”

Born in Kansas City, Mo., Gayle has been in the Pacific Northwest since 1978 and on Bainbridge Island since 1986. Her professional career as an artist spans 40 years.

“I think my work is a lot about seeing,” Bard said. “There are several aspects to it: discovery is a huge element in my work. It’s a matter of discovery when I’m on the road and it’s very much a work of discovery as I’m painting. Another part of my work is taking everyday elements, that we all live with, and imbuing them or putting them into an artistic form. I’m hoping that enables some people to see that their lives are raw material for art.”




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  • South Dakota Sky, 2016