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Margaret Millmore

Margaret Millmore is a supernatural fiction author and blogger, living on Bainbridge Island with her husband, Bryan.


Her first published works were flash fiction, The Welcome Home and Untitled – Luke N. Goode,  which were featured on Bay Area artist, Kenny Mencher’s blog.


In 2011 she published her first full length novel, since then she’s published a three-book series, another novel and her current series (via Next Chapter Publishing – formerly Creativia Publishing) What Haunts Me (Ghost Killer Book 1); The Edge of the Cemetery (Ghost Killer Book 2), which was awarded the August 2016 Book of the Month award by Long and Short Reviews; and What Hunts Me (Ghost Killer Book 3). The majority of her books are set in San Francisco where she lived—previous to island life—for over 26 years. Her preferred writing genre is supernatural fiction, with the exception of her time-travel novel, The Dragonfly Door.


In addition to her novels, Margaret writes a blog, called The Island Wanderer – which focuses on people, events and businesses on Bainbridge Island and beyond: and a monthly artist feature for Arts & Humanities Bainbridge Currents Online.


All her books can be found on her website and her Amazon Author page:





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