Renee Jameson

Renee Jameson

Renee is a monotype print artist living and working on Bainbridge Island, Washington. She walks almost daily along the shoreline and is inspired by the constant changing sky. She is particularly captivated by the effect of the morning light as the sun rises. As the light hits the clouds it creates subtle and sometimes dramatic variations of color and value ranges. She often gets her best shots at dawn when the sun casts an eerie glow on moisture in the air.


“One of the most exciting things I observe is how rapidly the cloud formations change into new and dramatic shapes within a matter of seconds. I have my camera with me at all times on my walks. Some days I see very little that interests me and other days the sky is extraordinary. On those days I take lots of shots to get the most compelling ones that I use in my monotypes. I try to create a world the viewer can interpret and respond to in their own way. In this way I consider myself an abstract artist. My objective is to create a mood and atmosphere that will evoke an emotion in the viewer and possibly a memory from the past.”


Renee’s process involves laying down carefully mixed layers of colored ink. She typically lays four to six layers down before the detail begins to take shape and the depth of color develops. Renee creates intrigue and mystery through her use of light which she achieves by beginning with a bright background and layering over that with mostly transparent ink. At the point where she has four to five layers in place the work begins to take a life of its own and she tries to let go of expectations and just let it flow.


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